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Business lounge access policy and terms of use («Sheremetyevo VIP», LLC)

  • Common usage rules of Business lounge:
    • These rules apply to formalize relationships between Contractor – LLC «Sheremetyevo VIP» (141402, Moscow region, city district Khimki, Khimki, Mezhdunarodnoe highway, building 1E, room 260) – and clients of the Business lounges of Sheremetyevo International Airport and procedure for rendering services of Business lounge.
    • Registration of a client for access to the Business lounge is carried out by an authorized staffer of the Contractor at the reception.
    • The categories of clients eligible to access and use the facilities of «Sheremetyevo VIP» Business lounges are individually determined by the Contractor for each specific Business lounge based on the existing contractual relationships with the partner companies, and in compliance with the effective price list.
    • Business lounge working hours – around the clock seven days a week.
    • Contractor reserves the right for temporary, full or partial restriction of guest access to the Business lounge in case of full occupancy of the Business lounge, repair and/or other types of works that limits the level of services available in the Business lounge, or in the case of holding a special event.
    • Рayments for Business lounge services must be made in Russian rubles in cash or non-cash or using bank cards.
    • Contractor is not responsible for loss of any personal belongings left unattended in the Business lounge and is not responsible for safety of the things left in wardrobe and lockers. When finding lost belongings, Business lounge Contractor are to take appropriate actions to return them to the owner. In case the owner is not identified and found Business lounge Contractor will notify the police or any local government authority of the finding of the lost property.
    • The client has the right to take just one sitting place in Business lounge. In case of client taking more than one sitting place, the authorized staffer of the Contractor has the right to require the client to free the additional occupied places.
    • In case of violation of the rules for using the Business lounge, the authorized staffer of the Contractor is entitled to ask the guest to leave the Business lounge.
    • In case of repeated violation of the rules, the Contractor reserves the right to refuse the client a subsequent stay and service in the Business lounge.
  • Clients of Business lounge have the following right:
    • To be served for free and paid basis in according with the list of services of a specific Business lounge and the price list of additional paid services of the Contractor.
    • To use furniture and equipment that is available in «free access» inside in the Business lounge.
    • To obtain information about departing flights through the information screens located in the Business lounge and voice notifications.
    • To get assistance on the issues at the reception desk (i.e. boarding gate location, services provided by the Business lounge etc.).
    • To use Wi-Fi for free.
    • To use showers no more than 40 minutes on request (in case of showers’ availability).
    • To gain admittance to the Business lounge with pets in its own kennel for the period of stay in the Business lounge. Without own kennel with a collar, muzzle and leash in the Business lounge, there may be: a service dog of the canine service of federal executive authorities, a guide dog accompanying a client visually impaired.
    • Address to the authorized staffer of the Contractor for meeting-room usage. Four and more people have the access to the meeting-room for the purpose of business-meetings and conference. The Business lounge has its specific meeting-room terms of use.
    • To make suggestions, comments, complaints to representatives to the Contractor on all issues related to the service in the Contractor’s Business lounge.
    • To take video and photo shoot in the Business lounge premises with the Contractor consent.
  • Clients of Business lounge have the following obligations:
    • To comply with these rules.
    • To present documents requested of the authorized staffer of the Contractor at the reception to make identify the right of access to visit the Business lounge.
    • To provide boarding pass to authorized representative of the Contractor for getting one of the services: access to the shower, using lockers or blanket.
    • Make thrifty use of property and equipment Business lounge.
    • To return safe and sound the Contactor’s property providing for temporary use.
    • To comply with fire safety rules, to consult with the evacuation plan before visiting the Business lounge.
    • To bear full responsibility for the actions of the accompanied minor children and disabled citizens with disabilities, for their life and health, not to leave them unattended. The Contractor does not provide services for supervision of children and citizens with disabilities accompanied by clients of the High comfort lounge.
    • To pay for all additional services provided at the Business lounge timely and in full.
    • To leave Business lounge at the end of permissible stay time.
    • To watch pets’ behavior which your own in order to prevent causing upset to other clients damaging Business lounge property and equipment; it is forbidden to use the buffet utensil for the pets feeding.
    • To comply with the requirements of public order and cleanliness of the Business lounge premises and promote respect for order by other clients; to treat other clients and authorized staffer of the Contractor in a polite and respectful manner.
    • To inform the staff of the Business lounge immediately about the detection of the loss of personal items to make them take measures to search for the owners.
    • To compensate the Contractor in full for the damage caused in the event of destruction or damage to the property of the Business lounge, as a result of actions/omissions of the client and/or accompanying persons, including minor children.
  • Clients Business lounge are prohibited from:
    • Smoking (including electronic cigarettes and other devices using technology of steam, heating).
    • Drinking alcoholic beverages on the territory of the Business lounge to persons under the age of 18.
    • Drinking alcohol and/or be intoxicated in Business lounge.
    • Removing furniture, equipment and other interior design items out of the Business lounge. Temporary rearrangement of some of Business lounge furniture allowed after agreement with an authorized staff of the Contractor at the reception.
    • To use the infrastructure of Business lounge (equipment, furniture, etc.) not for the intended purpose.
    • Place bulky or dirty luggage on seats in the Business lounge.
    • Arranging unauthorized sales.
    • Remaining in places intended for staff only (reception desk and other places for staff only).
    • Accommodated in kids room without the children.
    • Accommodated in family room without the children in the age of 0-14.
    • Using heaters.
    • Leaving children unattended.
    • Leaving personal belongings and valuables unattended.
    • Leaving personal belongings while leaving Business lounge at the end of permissible stay time.
    • To place pets, birds, fishes, insects, bulky or dirty luggage and perishable products in lockers.
    • Eat and drink in showers, in the sleeping rooms, in the kids room or during the massage chairs usage.
    • Take food and drinks presented in the Business lounge.
    • Listen to music and watch videos without headphones.
    • Violating the requirements of public order (insult staff, inconvenience other clients, making noise etc.).

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